One branch concert  «Russian Cossacks»

One branch concert  « Russian Cossacks»
Program Length 20-40min.

"Petersburg Cossacks" - vocal and choreographic composition.The composition includes a ritual parade of the Cossacks, tells about the free Cossacks,their enthusiasm and morale. The song is the hallmark of the ensemble.

  1. "Babochka" - vocal and instrumental composition.
  2. "Oy, ti, Galia" - instrumental and choreographic composition.
  3. "Divlus ya na nibo" - vocal and instrumental composition.
  4. "Ihaly kazachenki" - vocal and instrumental composition
  5. "Naurskaya" - instrumental choreographic composition. Ceremonial wedding dance Naurskaya village Cossacks.
  6. "Czerniawa" - vocal and instrumental composition
  7. "Oh, pri luzjku" - vocal and instrumental composition
  8. "Deciatka" - the instrumental and choreographic composition.
  9. "Maroussia" - vocal and instrumental composition.
  10. "Vremya molodcu jenitsua" - vocal and instrumental composition. Wedding ritual song of Cossacks, interactive with the audience.
  11. "Vecher matushka"-vocal-choreographic composition.
  12. Perfomance daring brave Cossacks, showing their prowess, enthusiasm and choreographic possibilities. Tryings of Coosack dancing with remarkable tricks to conquer each other.


(Submitted the whole ensemble perfomance. 45 minutes)


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  • Курнин Дмитрий
  • Рассадникова Наталия
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