One branch concert "From Russia with love"

One branch concert "From Russia with love"
Program Length 20-40min.

  1. "Varenka" - vocal and choreographic composition.
  2. "So Baltiyskogo Vozmorya" - vocal and instrumental composition
  3. "Gai Zelenenkiy" - vocal and instrumental composition
  4. "Soltce nizenco" - vocal and choreographic composition
  5. "Fighting Cossack with a Turk" - instrumental and choreographic composition. Comedy show with elements of circus clowns and choreography skills.
  6. "Trava moya, trava" - vocal and instrumental composition.
  7. "Metel vichnevaya" - vocal and choreographic composition. (lyrical number that shows the merging soul of man and nature, expressed in plastic movements and beautiful melodies.)
  8. Orchestral Perfomance
  9. "Tanec s valenkami" - instrumental and choreographic composition.
  10. "Postuchalochki" - instrumental and choreographic composition.
  11. "Katyusha" - vocal and instrumental composition.
  12. "Kalinka" - vocal and choreographic composition.

This is the final number of the program, which demonstrates the lyrical beauty, turning into a swashbuckling show with songs and dance.

(Submitted the whole ensemble perfomance. 45 minutes )

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