Ruksha Sergey

Ruksha Sergey

"From 1974 till 1977th , I studied at the Grodno KPU on the bayan, specialization: bandleader Russian of folk instruments.

From 1979 till 1985th, the Krupskaya Institute of Culture., specialty-bandleader  of Russian folk instruments. During my studies, I played in the ensemble "Skomorohi" headed by V.I.Akulovich

In 1985,  I started working at a Lepse  factory  teen club  "Banner of Labor" - organized an orchestra of Russian folk instruments. At the competition orchestras Northwest region of Russia in Pskov took 2nd place.

Since 1989 I have been working in the orchestra "Metelitsa" with the Committee on Culture Len. Region.

From 1995 to the present time work in A. Mukienko  song and dance ensemble of Cossacks as an entertainer on the balalaika orchestra viola and contrabass balalaika.

In 1999  was awarded the badge "For achievements in culture," the Ministry of Culture. Member of WMO. ACS member.

From 2000 to the present time I am artist of ensemble "The Style of Five."

In 2001, at the 2nd All-Russia competition of folk music ensemble "The Style of Five" won the Grand Prix and honorable N.P. Osipov.award.

2004-Governor thanked Len field-V.Serdyukova.

2005 - 2006  as part of the ensemble "The Style of Five" I took part in the solemn concerts of National Artist of Russia Dmitri Hvorostovsky on Red Square, Palace Square and the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, as well as a large seven-city tour of Russia on the 60th anniversary of victory.

In 2012th awarded by the Ministry of Culture together with the orchestra "Metelitsa", ensemble "The Style of Five" and the A. Mukienko ensemble  of Cossacks went on tour in the USA, Norway, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Italy, France, Latvia, Estonia, etc. "

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