Razumovskiy Alexey

Razumovskiy Alexey

"After graduating from music school, I enrolled at the Mussorgsky Music College on the class of classical percussion department. I Saw myself as a musician of symphony orchestra, but before continuing education,  decided to serve in the army ..

Border troops called in, and after "SCHOOL" directed to perform military duty in the Song and Dance Ensemble of Border Troops. After military service decided to try his hand in other genres

Played in different bands and explored new directions for themselves in the music…

Further education continued at the Krupskaya State Institute of Culture with specialty -director of theatrical actions and views.

New knowledge allowed to look more broadly at what is happening in music and life, but in show business knew me as a drummer and to get job as musician was easier than to stage some shows ...

In 1995 new ensemble was founded- A.Mukienko song and dance of the Cossacks, and I was invited as the main drummer ... Creative teamwork carried me away ... This project is a part of my life and in spite of the parallel work in other bands, this part I do not want to change! Currently working on"

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The ensemble regularly participates in large concert programs municipal level. Is also a frequent guest on corporate parties and celebrations. Program and the number of artists is discussed in advance with the customer.
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Our artists:

  • Латыпов Азамат
  • Разумовский Алексей
  • Иванов Дмитрий
  • Гафаров Олег
  • Гафарова Ольга
  • Попович Надежда
  • Суровцева Наталья
  • Ужакова Наталья
  • Орлов Сергей
  • Рукша Сергей