Oleg Gafarov

Oleg Gafarov

"In 2000, I graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory. 

Worked with various professional orchestras (Orchestra LenVO Staff, Orchestra them. Andreev). 

Participated in a tour across  the countries of Europe. 

Winner of International Competition."

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The ensemble regularly participates in large concert programs municipal level. Is also a frequent guest on corporate parties and celebrations. Program and the number of artists is discussed in advance with the customer.
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Our news:


Performance of the Cossacks A. Mukienko on Palace Square. Holiday graduates "Scarlet Sails" 2015. St. Petersburg.

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Our artists:

  • Латыпов Азамат
  • Баярунас Ярослав
  • Ужакова Наталья
  • Мультановская Марианна
  • Федотова Светлана
  • Курнин Дмитрий
  • Минеева Наталья
  • Гафарова Ольга
  • Гафаров Олег
  • Рассадникова Наталия