Shamin Andrei

Shamin Andrei

"Winner of international competitions, the winner of the contest" Romance Spring ". 

From 1989 till 1994th years, I studied at the Theatre Institute at Mohovaya st. specialty film and theater actor. 

From 1992 to 2000th years soloist of the State Theatre St. Petersburg "Rock Opera." 

From 2000 to the present time-soloist of "Gypsy yard." 

Since 2002, the soloist of Song and Dance Ensemble of the MVD. 

From 1991 to the present time the soloist of A. Mukienko song and dance ensemble Cossacks."

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Our artists:

  • Орлова Алиса
  • Ужакова Наталья
  • Сентемова Светлана
  • Солодовников Сергей
  • Кузьминов Андрей
  • Обрядина Ирина
  • Чугунов Алексей
  • Гафаров Олег
  • Рязанов Владимир
  • Курнин Дмитрий