Choirmaster Obryadina Irina

Obryadina Irina

Winner of the second entertainers contest  in St. Petersburg. Winner of the 8th International Festival "Ukrainian Spring" in St. Petersburg.

1986-1990th years I was studying in Rachmaninoff college of Arts in Veliky Novgorod.

In 1995  graduated from the St. Petersburg GUKII majoring choirmaster folklorist.

I'm  in an A.Mukienko Cossacks ensemble of song and dance  from 1995, since its foundation, first as an chorus artist, soloists, and, subsequently, the choirmaster of the ensemble.

With The ensemble was on tours in America (2000)

Switzerland (May 2001), Japan (March 2002) and Sweden (2003, 2004, 2005), Italy (2005, 2011), in the Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia).

Performing at various venues in the city and as a solo singer of Russian folk songs and romances."

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