Udalova Ksenia

Udalova Ksenia

"I am a candidate for the Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics (1997). 

From 1991-1993 - student of Vaganova School. 

In 2005  graduated with honors from St. Petersburg College of Art and Culture (Course: A.E. Dobrasha (character dance) O.N.Magdy (choreographer arts), A.M.Benderskoy (classical dance). 

Worked and keep working with different bands in St. Petersburg. 

Was on tours in France, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, Poland. 

At the moment I am a ballet dancer A. Mukienko Cossacks ensemble."

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The ensemble regularly participates in large concert programs municipal level. Is also a frequent guest on corporate parties and celebrations. Program and the number of artists is discussed in advance with the customer.
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Our artists:

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