Popovich Nadezda

Popovich Nadezda

"I was 8 years old when I started to dance in children's choreographic ensemble" Petersburg souvenir "under the direction of M. Salomatova.

In 2005,  graduated from the Leningrad Regional College of Culture and Arts and entered the State University of Culture and Arts.

Worked in many bands of the city:

 - Ensemble of the Leningrad Military District;

 - "Lights of St. Petersburg";

 - St. Petersburg State Circus;

 - Theatre "cloudberry".

Was on tours in Spain, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, etc.

At present - a ballet dancer A. Mukienko Cossacks ensemble."

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The ensemble regularly participates in large concert programs municipal level. Is also a frequent guest on corporate parties and celebrations. Program and the number of artists is discussed in advance with the customer.
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February 1, we commemorated the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and said thank you to the veterans, living witnesses of those terrible events, we are reminded of the Red Army and partisans liberated Kingissepp from the Nazi invaders

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Our artists:

  • Курнин Дмитрий
  • Минеева Наталья
  • Солодовников Сергей
  • Иванов Дмитрий
  • Баярунас Ярослав
  • Удалова Ксения
  • Суровцева Наталья
  • Ужакова Наталья
  • Шамин Андрей
  • Сентемова Светлана